Diamond Tip

SCD probes are single crystal diamond tips specially grown in CVD process and glued to silicon cantilevers for use in AFM. The growth technology provides durable probes with high aspect ratio (cone angle less than 10°) and small tip radius (less than 10 nm) by affordable price comparable to that of traditional silicon probes.

Beacuse of the high hardness of diamond, the tip can be used for surface modifications and measuring properties of hard materials like silicon, glass, metals, etc. The probe is highly resistant to wear, which is especially useful when fast scanning speed is needed, or when or when there are sharp and rigid edges on surface.

SEM image of the SCD probe tip. SEM image of the tip aspect ratio over 2 microns from the end. SEM image of the SCD tip end.
Sharp single crystal diamond (SCD) tip for SPM, full cone angle from 5° to 10°, tip radius less than 10 nm. Details >>>

AFM Lateral
& Tip Check

Scalloped Aluminium Gratings (SAG) are high precision hexagonal surface structures that can be used as AFM reference and calibration standards in XY plane. Unlike expensive submicron calibration gratings manufactured by lithography methods, SAG has repeatable and reproducible self-organized ordered structure with periodicity determined by the conditions of a simple electrochemical processing. The average periodicity within the domains is 102.5 nm (SAG-102) or 65 nm (SAG-65).

Scalloped Aluminium Grating (SAG) can be used as an express method of AFM tip quality check. The hexagonal pattern of SAG consists of concaves and spikes, each concave is surrounded by six spikes. Because of the extremely sharp apexes of the spikes their experimentally observed radii on AFM scans exhibit the sharpness of the AFM tip.

SEM image of SAG-102 grating. Size 1x1 µm. SEM image of SAG-65 grating. Size 1x1 µm.     Details >>>

AFM Piezo
Test Grating

The grating of Polarized Lithium Niobate (PLN) is a regular structure of ferroelectric domains having different polarization can be used to test AFM in Piezoresponse Force Microscope mode, adjust the amplitude and phase of piezoresponse and set other scanning parameters to optimal values.

The grating is cut from a single crystal of LiNbO3 perpendicular to its polar axis. A periodic domain structure is formed in the bulk of the sample, where the spontaneous polarization is perpendicular to the surface and opposite in the neighboring domains. The direction of polarization determines the sign of the piezoelectric coefficient. Analysis of piezoresponse to externally applied electric field allows visualizing the distribution of the polarization over the surface.

Phase PFM signal of Polarized Lithium Niobate (PLN) grating. Amplitude PFM signal of the same area.     Details >>> © 2013-2014 ART™ technology of diamond growth and micromanipulation allows production of sharp long-life SPM probes. The diamond tips provide highly reproducible results in AFM imaging, nanoindentation and lithography. The production technology is flexible to changes. Welcome to contact us to modify the tip, the cantilever and the probe for your research the way you need.